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Porosity of Stöber silica observed by spin-echo small angle neutron scattering. S. R. Parnell, A. L. Washington, R. Pynn, A. Walsh, A. J. Parnell and R. M. Dalgliesh. (accepted in Soft Matter). DOI 10.1039/C5SM02772A (advance article) (2016).

An anti-inflammatory, self-assembled peptide/polysaccharide scaffold that induces apoptosis in epithelial cancer cells. R. Li, S. Pavuluri, K. Bruggeman, B. Long, A. J. Parnell, A. Martel, S. R. Parnell, F. Pfeffer A. J. C. Dennison, K. Nicholas, C. Barrow, D. Nisbet (Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicine 12, p1397-1407 (2016).

Extrinsic wrinkling and single exfoliated sheets of graphene oxide in polymer composites. M. P. Weir, D. W. Johnson, S. Boothroyd, R. Savage, R. L. Thompson, S. R. Parnell, A. J. Parnell, S. M. King, S. E. Rogers, K. S. Coleman N. Clarke. Chemistry of Materials, 28, p1698-1704 (2016).

A Neutron Reflectometry Study of the Interaction of Partially Denatured Insulin with a DSPC Floating Lipid Bilayer. A. J. C. Dennison, R. A. L. Jones. R. A. Staniforth, A. J. Parnell. Soft Matter, 12, p824-829 (2016).

Physical mechanisms responsible for the water induced degradation of PC61BM P3HT photovoltaic thin film films. A. J. Parnell, A. J. Cadby, A. D. F. Dunbar, G. Roberts, A. Plumridge, R. M. Dalgliesh, M. W. A. Skoda, and R. A. L. Jones. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 54, p141-146 (2016).


Spatially modulated structural colour in bird feathers.

A. J. Parnell, A. L. Washington, O. O. Mykhaylyk, C. J. Hill, A. Bianco, S. L. Burg, A. J C Dennison, M. Snape, A. J. Cadby, A. J. Smith, S. Prevost, D. M. Whittaker, R. A. L. Jones, A. R. Parker and J. P. A. Fairclough. Nature Scientific Reports, art. No. 18317 (2015).

Spin Echo Small Angle Neutron Scattering using a continuously pumped 3He neutron polarisation analyser.

S. R. Parnell, A. L. Washington , K. Li , H. Yan , P. Stonaha , F. Li , T. Wang , A. Walsh , W. C. Chen , A. J Parnell , J. P. A. Fairclough , D. V. Baxter , W. Snow , R. Pynn. Review of Scientific Instruments, 86, 023902 (2015).


The hydration and ordering of lamellar block copolymer films prior to formation of polymer vesicles. Y. Kamata, A. J. Parnell, P. Gutfreund, M. Skoda, A. Dennison, R. Barker, S. Mai, A. J. Ryan, N. Torikai, M. Kawaguchi and R. A. L. Jones. Macromolecules, 47, p8682-8690 (2014).

Molecular weight dependent vertical composition profiles of PCDTBT:PC71BM blends for organic photovoltaics.

J. W. Kingsley, P. P. Marchisio, H. Yi, A. Iraqi, C. J. Kinane, S. Langridge, R. L. Thompson, A. J. Cadby, A. J. Pearson†, D. G. Lidzey, R. A. L. Jones, A. J. Parnell. Nature Scientific Reports, art. No. 5286 (2014).

Using Neutron Spin Echo Resolved Grazing Incidence Scattering to Investigate Organic Solar Cell Materials

A. J. Parnell, A. Hobson, R. Dalgliesh, R. A. L. Jones, A. D. F. Dunbar, Journal of Visualized of Experiments (JOVE), e51129, doi:10.3791/51129 (2014).


(Front cover) Morphology of polyfluorene donor acceptor triblock copolymer for solar cells.

C. Yan, A. J. Cadby, A. J. Parnell, W. Tang, M. W. A. Skoda, D. Mohamad, S. P. King, L. X. Reynolds, S. A. Haque, T. Wang, S. R. Parnell, A. B. Holmes, R. A. L. Jones and D. Jones. Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 51, p1705-1718 (2013)

Directed phase separation of PFO:PS blends during spin-coating using feedback controlled in situ stroboscopic fluorescence microscopy.

D. T. W. Toolan, A. J. Parnell, P. D. Topham, and J. R. Howse. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 1, p3587-3592 (2013).

A neutron spin echo resolved grazing incidence scattering study of crystallites in organic photovoltaic thin films.

A. J. Parnell, R. M. Dalgliesh, R. A. L. Jones, and A. D. F. Dunbar. Applied Physics Letters, 102, 073111 (2013).

Direct imaging of the orientational dynamics of block copolymer lamellar phase subjected to shear flow.

O. Mykhaylyk, A. J. Parnell, A. Pryke and J. P. A. Fairclough. Macromolecules, 45, p5260-5272 (2013).


Macroscopic expansion of tetraphenylporphyrin Langmuir layers stimulated by protonation.

S. A. Brittle, A. Flores, A. Hobson, A. J. Parnell, A. D. F. Dunbar, C. A. Hunter, T. H. Richardson. Soft Matter, 8, p2807-2811 (2012).


In Situ Imaging and Height Reconstruction of Phase Separation Processes in Polymer Blends during Spin Coating

S. Ebbens, R. Hodgkinson, A. J. Parnell, A. Dunbar, S. J. Martin, P. D. Topham, N. Clarke, and J. R. Howse

ACS Nano 5, 5124-5131 (2011)

The Nanoscale Phase Separation of P3HT PCBM Thick Films as measured by Small Angle X-ray Scattering

A. J. Parnell, A. J. Cadby, O. O. Mykhaylyk, A. D. F. Dunbar, P. E. Hopkinson. A. M. Donald, R. A. L. Jones

Macromolecules 44, 6503-6508 (2011)

The Nanoscale Morphology of a PCDTBT:PCBM Photovoltaic Blend

P. A. Staniec, A. J. Parnell, A. D. F. Dunbar, H. Yi, A. J. Pearson, T. Wang, P. E. Hopkinson, C. Kinane, R. M. Dalgliesh, A. M. Donald, A. J. Ryan, A. Iraqi, R. A. L. Jones and D. G. Lidzey

Advanced Energy Materials 1, 499-504 (2011)

A review on Block Copolymer Solar Cells

P. D. Topham, A.J. Parnell, R. C. Hiorns

Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 49, 1131-1156 (2011)

Voltage-induced swelling and de-swelling of weak polybase brushes

M. P. Weir, S. Y. Heriot, A. J Parnell, S. A. Holt, J. R. P. Webster and R. A. L. Jones

Langmuir 27, 11000-11007 (2011)

Water Soluble Responsive Polymer Brushes

M. P. Weir and A. J. Parnell

Polymers (2011)

Continuously tuneable optical filters from self-assembled block copolymer blends

A. J. Parnell, A. Pryke, O. O. Mykhaylyk, J. R. Howse, A. M. Adawi, N. J. Terrill and J. P. A. Fairclough,

Soft Matter 7 3721-3725 (2011)

Shear ordered diblock copolymers with tuneable optical properties

A. J. Parnell, N. Tzokova, A. Pryke, J. R. Howse, O. O. Mykhaylyk, A. J. Ryan, P Panine and J. P. A. Fairclough

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 13, 3179-3186 (2011)